Rhythmic Gymnastics

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Instructor -Irina Yakovleva    

Rhythmic Gymnastics

Atlanta Rhythmic Gymnastics

Young girls who love music and dance, thrive on creativity and originality, and are challenged by complete body and physical skill mastery are drawn to the sport of rhythmic gymnastics.
Combining the elements of ballet, gymnastics, theatrical dance and apparatus manipulation makes this Olympic sport unique and fascinating. Rhythmic gymnastics program is designed to develop flexibility, strength, agility, balance, hand-eye coordination, grace and musicality. Students learn to work with 5 pieces of hand-held apparatus: rope, hoop, ball, clubs and ribbon. The uniqueness of this sport consists in ability to manipulate the piece of apparatus while performing the body movements. Therefore, it requires high-developed coordination and precision.
Why Rhythmic Gymnastics?
    • It develops strong physical abilities: flexibility, agility, coordination, strength, sense of balance and grace.
    • Also it improves cognitive abilities, self control and discipline which lead to high motivation and better grades at school. It builds positive self esteem, enhances concentration, and develops self expression and musicality.
    • Besides that it helps to gain lifelong benefits: cooperation, team work, self confidence, creativity and healthy lifestyle.
The following rules are to help ensure every gymnasts safety and happiness.
    • No food, gum or candy allowed in the gym.
    • Be sure to remove all jewelry before entering the gym floor.
    • Attire: a leotard (no skirts please) and rhythmic half shoes are the best attire for a gymnast. However, a tight tank-top, leggings and socks are allowed.
    • Long hair must be pulled off the face, either secured in a pony tail or ballet bun.
    • New students are welcome to try a class for free. The waiver of liability should be signed by a parent/guardian prior to the child's participation in the class.
    • Make up classes: if your child has missed a class you should contact the coach to schedule make up class.
    • Parents are always welcome to observe the class. However, any communication between a child and the parent is not encouraged during the class. Please understand that when a parent communicates with the child it is a distraction to the coach and students.
    • Performances are an important part of the learning process. All students are encouraged to participate in them. However, if for any reason your child will not be able to participate in the performance, the coach must be notified no later than a month before the date of the performance.
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